Investment Process

Our investment process enables us to stay FOCUSED on the goal

All too often other managers and brokers speak about investment objectives, but neglect any consistent "process" in the management of accounts. As such, Falcon Capital Management, Inc. firmly believes in defining a strategy and process and coupling it to a discipline in order to manage portfolios.

Based upon our Investment Policy Statement, the portfolio strategy is implemented to achieve the target allocations. Portfolios received as cash are implemented on a schedule based upon market technical factors. Portfolios received in kind are evaluated as to tax issues and implemented accordingly. Our goal is to achieve portfolio allocation within a relatively brief period of time.

Once the portfolio is implemented, the management process consists of:

  • Periodic formal portfolio reviews of client objectives, comparison of performance compared to benchmarks, and rebalancing across Asset Class, Sector and Sub-sector
  • Continual evaluation of securities on a variety of data points, including fundamental analysis of common stocks,
  • Periodic client communication to review client financial objectives and goals in conjunction with Investment Policy
  • Spot review of portfolio based upon financial events (such as cash deposits, withdrawals, changes in objectives, etc.)

Executing the aforementioned on a disciplined basis enhances performance.

Investment Process

Staying true to our investment philosophy, we have a simple yet effective investment process.

  • develop an individual
  • investment policy
  • implement
  • rebalance

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