Focusing on the RIGHT Investment Strategy

Falcon Capital Management, Inc. is a registered investment advisory firm in Wilton, CT.

We advise families, individuals, and small institutions on a range of financial issues.

We are not affiliated with any financial services firm or product. We represent the client and work closely to understand their wealth management needs and goals.

Our approach to a financial planning driven investment management program is through the organization of assets, the effective implementation of capital, and continued management based on client's evolving financial needs and the dynamics of markets.

While our strategies are portfolio based, they are driven by solving a number of specific client needs. Our strategies are implemented using stocks, bonds, institutional mutual funds, ETF's, and closed-end funds. We do not use constrained or illiquid investments.

We provide client reports that are easy to read and understand along with effective communications. Our website is oriented to providing clients with access to a wide range of information about their portfolios and our firm. We provide detailed reports to your accountant and attorney such as gain and loss reports (to make tax filing easy), true performance analysis, and asset class performance analysis.

We maintain a high level of communication with our clients to continuously educate them in our investment process and to understand their changing financial conditions. We aim to be a resource for our clients and provide them with a truly effective and well informed advisory experience.

Our client minimum is $100,000 and in order to learn more about us, we suggest you use the Email Us form to the right.


What makes Falcon Capital Management unique?

  • Fee based and not commission driven.
  • Independent and not a distributor of any proprietary products.
  • Top-down active and passive strategies are combined to build truly style diversified efficient portfolios.
  • Investment process driven.
  • Accessible portfolio managers rather than a black box returns generator.
  • Focus on client goals, risks and time frame.
  • Ability to coordinate full service financial management.

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